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Mikkelberg Cricket Ground 2017

10.06. Miniputstævne Mikkelberg

18.06. Husum v Kerteminde 4.div 30.07. Husum v Ishøj-2 1.div

Ikke spillet..!

Vi håber på nye Spilledatoer for at afvikle turneringskampene..!

* Husum-2 v Esbjerg-2 4.div

* Husum v Horsens drenge

Mikkelberg Cricket Ground

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Husum Cricket Club Indoor Cricket
Indoor Cricket
Indoor Cricket Husum Cricket Club 1969 Idrætshallen Flensborg
 Origin of Indoor Cricket The first significant example of organised indoor cricket took place, somewhat unusually, in Germany. A tournament was held under the auspices of the Husum Cricket Club in a hall in Flensburg in the winter of 1968-69.

It wasn't until the 1970s that the game began to take shape as a codified sport. Conceived as a way of keeping cricketers involved during the winter months, various six-a-side leagues were formed throughout England in the first half of the decade, eventually leading to the first national competition held in March 1976 at the Sobell Center in Islington. The sport underwent several organisational changes, most notably in Australia and in South Africa (where competing organisations fought for control of the sport), but the game has changed little since that time and has risen in popularity in several nations. Under the auspices of the World Indoor Cricket Federation the sport has reached a point where is played according to the same standard rules in major competitions throughout the world.

Husum Cricket Clubs Lilleputter Danmarksmester Indoor 2015

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